New Wine Skins

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I hadn’t realized it until now, but I am pretty sure the parable of the wine skins is a parable about relationships.

“No one sews a new material on an old one.” (MEV)

When you’ve grown up a bit and become a new and better version of yourself, it is hard to continue to attach yourself to people who have not.

“Otherwise the new would tear, for the new piece does not match the old.”

The two are no longer the same. They do not go together. One has outgrown the other.

It goes on to say that the old ruins the new if the two come together and that the wine is wasted.

Put the new with the new. Go find or be found by your new match. They will have been doing the work too to become better for you.

And this last part– “And no, having drunk old wine, immediately desires new. For he says the old is better.”

No judgment necessary. We waste so much time trying to convince others why they are making the wrong choice and being hurt over the others’ inability to see this. But NO ONE craves new wine until they do, nor does anyone change over night. Show them grace and move forward. Find your “new.”The one that suits your NEW taste.



Here’s a song I have on repeat as I write this. Mesmerized by the prospect of this new love.

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